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Examiner.com Article: “Moore” than a title: the work of Mr. Damien Moore, Esq

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Firm News |

Some of us have heard the phrase that you are “more than just a name” or “more than just a title”. Such phrases are uttered in order to ensure that people think beyond the boundaries and in some cases, the limitations or labels that are placed on them.

When you find real-life examples of people who not only understand that for themselves, but for the people they work with, specifically their clientele, it brings about a different type of thinking, processing, and doing when it comes to any sort of matter at hand. On Wednesday, September 3rd, for what felt like a 30 minute talk (which evolved into a 2-plus hour conversation about a wide range of topics), I’m able to engage with such a man of distinction, Mr. Damien Moore.

His credentials as an alumnus of Duke University (undergraduate and law school), a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. (via the Kappa Omicron Chapter located at Duke University) a former attorney at King and Spalding, and currently the President of the Sports and Entertainment Division at KM Capital Management are more than impeccable. Likewise, his clientele, which features some of the top players in the NFL, including those who have earned accolades ranging from NFL Rookie of the Year to Pro Bowl status speaks volumes.

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