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Aggressive And Effective Criminal Defense Services

If you are seeking an attorney who puts your concerns first, who communicates with you throughout the case and, most of all, who has the experience to fight for your freedom, we invite you to contact us. At Reynolds Law Group, LLC, we handle the full range of criminal felonies and misdemeanors, including the following:
  • DUI/DWI and DMV hearings: A quick and aggressive response can be to your advantage in a drunk driving case. Whether you are facing charges for your first offense drunk driving or repeat DUI/DWI, you can count on us.
  • Drug offenses: Our first response will be to assure your rights were respected. Was the search proper? Tell us what happened. If the evidence was collected in violation of your rights, it cannot be used against you, whether the charges involve simple possession or narcotics prescription drug fraud.
  • Sex offenses: Even a misdemeanor conviction can mean registration as a sex offender. You need an experienced defense attorney if you are facing ANY sex offense — sexual assault, child pornography, internet solicitation, indecent exposure or another sex crime.
  • Domestic violence: The police are under pressure to arrest someone when they respond to a call. If they arrested you, you need a lawyer. You could be served with a temporary protective order that restricts you from returning to your own home. Without skilled representation, the protective order could get extended to last up to three years.
  • Assault: What really happened? Our law firm can investigate the incident and defend you against assault charges.
  • Homicide: Experience is important in every homicide case, from first-degree murder cases to vehicular manslaughter cases. In every murder case we take to trial, our focus is on our client’s freedom and future.
  • Theft: From shoplifting to grand theft auto, we protect our clients’ rights and build a strong defense.
  • White collar crime: Reputations and careers can be devastated by arrests for fraud, embezzlement or other white collar crimes. Our law firm investigates and works in the best interests of the client.
  • Juvenile law: When a minor child is arrested, you need to talk to a lawyer who has a working knowledge of the California juvenile justice system. Our law firm has this knowledge.

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