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WIRE FRAUD ALERT: For all wire transfers, please confirm bank wire information via telephone with this Firm prior to initiating any wires. Never wire funds to us, or to any of our clients without explicit verbal confirmation from this office. Never wire transfer money based on an email request from our office without calling this office and speaking with someone personally to confirm wire information. When you call, do not use the phone number from the e-mail signature line, only use the phone number from this website to confirm. Do not accept emailed wire instructions from anyone without voice verification even if an email looks like it has come from this office, or someone involved in your transaction. You will never be instructed to wire money related to a closing without verbal confirmation. Never wire to an international account. So, heed this warning, and always verify the details of the wiring instructions on the telephone with a live person that you verify is the true sender of the wiring instructions in order to prevent wire fraud.
When dealing with complex real estate matters — whether investment properties, commercial leasing agreements or buy-sell transactions — the details matter. Seemingly minor oversights can have major ramifications. Too often, parties can be taken advantage of or miss a small, detrimental detail, no matter how experienced in real estate they may be. Closing a successful deal demands a meticulous approach under the watchful eye of a dedicated legal mind. Reynolds Law Group, LLC, we provide the diligent legal counsel our clients deserve. We are ready to ensure that every clause is reviewed, every detail addressed, every document ironclad to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction.

Our negotiation skills are among our greatest strengths. When we’re representing your interests, whether determining the right price per square footage or reviewing an existing lease, we approach each discussion as a battle to be won. Our lawyers aren’t afraid to think outside the box in developing creative strategies for advancing clients’ interests.

Who We Work With | Handling A Broad Range Of Transactions

We represent commercial buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, borrowers and lenders, investors and developers. Our experience encompasses a wide range of real estate matters, including:

  • Finance issues (both lending and equity)
  • Commercial leasing
  • Commercial buy-sell agreements
  • Landlord-tenant disputes (Landlord-Tenant questionnaire)

We also represent real estate funds and firms looking to purchase commercial properties. Our prime focus is ensuring a solid return on your investment. To that end, we will invest the time and effort upfront to perform due diligence, ensuring that no unexpected roadblocks will get in the way of a successful transaction.

Benefit From Our Strong Business Backgrounds

Part of what sets us apart is our unique blend of talent and experience. Several of our attorneys come from one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms. This big-firm background — along with experience handling billions of dollars worth of business and real estate deals — gives us the insight necessary to navigate even the most complex transactions.

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Let us partner with you to protect your interests and make your real estate goals a reality. To get started, call our office in Atlanta, Georgia, at 404-913-8798. You can also fill out our online form to get in touch and our Real Estate questionnaire or Foreclosure questionaire for further assistance.