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Need Help With An Employment Law Issue?

At Reynolds Law Group, LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia, our experienced employment law attorneys offer the best legal representation to employers and employees who are encountering a variety of situations. We have been able to represent both employers and employees in multiple cases, and we draw upon these experiences — and our vast knowledge — to create a custom strategy that will best represent your specific needs and goals.


Since we handle both employer and employee matters, we are uniquely positioned to know the strategies of both sides, and work effectively to use these against them.

Our lawyers provide a thorough examination of each situation to determine how to best approach your needs. Here is a list of some, but not all, of the employment law cases we have covered:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Employees’ rights
  • Wage and hour disputes
  • Fair employment laws
  • Discrimination and sexual harassment

Reynolds Law Group, LLC, is committed to helping you understand your situation and how we will best pursue a resolution to your case. Discrimination is a constant situation many of our clients endure, whether you’re the employer or the employee. We have a vast understanding of both state and federal laws that apply to each discrimination case. If you’re an employee, we assert the interests of our clients as we pursue. For employers in discrimination cases, we focus on presenting ironclad defense strategies that limit liability.

Possible discrimination cases include: age discrimination; national origin discrimination; racial discrimination; disability discrimination; sex/gender discrimination; pregnancy discrimination.

When you are facing employment lawsuits, you need Reynolds Law Group, LLC, representing you. Whether you’re an employer or employee, we know how best to position your case and get you the results and justice you deserve. Contact us today or call 404-913-8798 and please fill out our Employment law questionnaire here.