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Knowledgeable Guidance On Sensitive Family Law Matters

For Reynolds Law Group, LLC, clients, family law is handled with discretion and security. We understand how sensitive these matters can be for all parties involved, especially during divorce and custody hearings. When you work with our lawyers, you will come to know our passion for advocacy and providing expert legal counsel to ensure your interests are represented and your goals achieved.


Our Family Law Practice Areas

  • Divorce: When you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, we go the extra mile to take great care of you during this very sensitive time. Let us help you negotiate on your behalf so you can focus on your career and family. Also, we want to help you plan ahead for the next chapter in your life. Reynolds Law Group, LLC, is committed to your happiness and financial equality.
  • Asset recovery: During a divorce proceeding, you can no longer trust the word of your soon-to-be former spouse. Each party is out to keep what they can from the other. The expert attorneys at Reynolds Law Group, LLC, are masters at uncovering hidden assets: real estate transactions, hidden money (domestic and international), investments, 401(k)s, stocks and bonds; everything of value from antiques and heirlooms to travel miles and points. You deserve to know what’s there to ensure you receive your due.
  • Child custody/visitation rights: In these sensitive matters, Reynolds Law Group, LLC, attorneys will walk you through every step of the process to ensure you and your children are well-represented; to ensure you receive fair representation and due process; and to ensure your time with your children is protected. We are the best at helping our clients get the most fair and equal visitation and custody of their children. Let us help you ensure you are duly represented during this emotional time.
  • Domestic restraining orders: As a client of Reynolds Law Group, LLC, you will receive our full attention and representation if you are being abused, facing a dangerous situation, or require safe distance from a spouse, boyfriend or any other family member. If you feel like you are in danger, contact the police first and then contact us to ensure we can protect you. There is no time like the present, so call today.
  • Prenuptial agreements: Your assets need to be protected and given a certain distance from anyone. When you are planning to become involved with another person and you need a legal barrier between them and your family’s estate, inheritance or wealth, a Reynolds Law Group, LLC, prenuptial agreement is the best possible course to ensure security and protection.

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