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Can vehicle safety tech reduce injuries and insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2022 | Personal Injury |

It is unlikely that motor vehicle accidents will ever be a thing of the past. They continue to affect countless lives in Atlanta, Georgia by imposing significant financial hardships on victims already dealing with injuries.

People know that motor vehicle accidents are always a risk. As such, they seek to minimize the financial and physical effects of a crash. According to common belief, automobile safety technology provides a means of accomplishing this goal.

  • It can help you avoid motor vehicle accidents (and injuries)
  • It can help you save money on insurance rates

In theory, safety tech could help you avoid a crash or accident injuries, but it probably won’t affect your insurance rates.

Why wouldn’t your insurance rates fall?

Again, in theory, safer automobiles reduce risk across the board, even for insurance companies. However, insurers still hesitate to lower rates in Georgia and elsewhere. Three reasons for this include:

  1.   It typically costs more to repair vehicles with safety tech
  2.   There is a lack of sufficient data about these technologies
  3.   Safety tech could result in more driver negligence (overreliance on safety technology)

Invest in safety features if you are looking to reduce your injury risks, but not because you think it will save you money on auto insurance. Examples of safety technology believed to prevent crashes or reduce injuries include:

  • Lane departure warning
  • Collision preparation system
  • Electronic stability control

Regardless of whether your vehicle is equipped with advanced features, an accident can lead to significant physical and economic hardships. Since some insurers routinely make low-ball settlement offers, it is in your best interests to learn more about accident and injury insurance