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Producers, do not violate on-set (or other) child labor laws

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Firm News |

Children add incredible value to television programs and films. They can deftly manipulate viewer emotion while simultaneously ramping up a production’s adorability factor.

Many Atlanta children want to join the Georgia entertainment industry, but hiring them requires familiarity with child entertainer labor laws. Knowing these laws helps you avoid exploiting, oppressing or otherwise harming young entertainers.

Select on-set child labor guidelines to learn

To help you avoid legal trouble over the treatment of child entertainers, review the on-set guidelines listed below. These points ensure young actors always remain protected while they are working.

  • On-set logs. While the documentation requirements for young entertainers are surprisingly lenient, always detail your young talent’s movements. Having this on record can protect you if someone accuses you of violating any child labor law.
  • On-set timing. There are detailed laws that specify how much time children can spend working in the entertainment industry. These time restrictions vary according to child age and production region.
  • On-set education. Labor laws also mandate that a child’s work schedule does not interfere with their education. Having a teacher on the premises can help you comply with these laws.

We have a tip that could help you comply with local and national child entertainer mandates. Always prioritize the health, safety and overall well-being of your young performers.

Atlanta and other Georgia regions have become popular among many filmmakers and TV show producers. Although this surge in growth benefits the local economy, some parents worry that it puts their kids at risk of unlawful treatment. Increasing your knowledge of child labor and entertainment law protects your production and the kids with whom you work.