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Avoid summer eye injuries with these tips

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Nothing can ruin your summer as fast as an injury, but eye injuries (in particular) have the potential to create problems for the rest of your (or your loved one’s) life.

Since summer tends to see an uptick in eye injuries – especially those related to outdoor activities and home repairs – it’s wise to keep the following rules in mind:

Use protective eyewear

Two of the biggest sources of eye injuries in the summer come from sports and repairs. The smartest thing you can do to avoid becoming part of the statistics is to make sure that appropriate eyewear is worn when you are engaging in either activity.

In fact, the vast majority of eye injuries to children in this country are sports-related – so make sure that the kids understand that safety glasses or goggles are a requirement if they want to play. If you intend to coach or be part of the action, the same rules go for you because ordinary sunglasses won’t offer anything in the way of safety.

Leave the fireworks to the professionals

Okay, fireworks are possibly one of the coolest parts of summer, and there are some big holidays coming up where fireworks are common. That being said, it’s far wiser and safer to let professionals handle anything that burns, flares or explodes.

Most people associate firework injuries with burns or missing fingers, but a premature explosion in your face can damage your retinas and leave you permanently blinded in one or both eyes.

If you do suffer a devastating eye injury this summer through no fault of your own, it’s wise to explore your legal options for compensation.