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I was injured by patrons fighting in a bar: Can I sue?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

You’re out with friends at a local bar when a fight breaks out. Someone throws a bottle and it hits you hard in the face. A trip to the hospital reveals that your jaw is broken and you require surgery. Afterward, your jaw will be wired shut for six weeks.

If, as an innocent bystander, you were injured due to the behavior of other patrons, you may be able to sue the bar owner for your medical costs and damages. 

When is a bar owner responsible for a patron’s injuries?

There are several instances when a bar owner could be held responsible for injuries that occur in their bar due to a fight. These include:

  • Allowing patrons to enter the bar when they have repeatedly been kicked out for fighting.
  • Not having working security cameras in the bar to deter poor behavior by patrons.
  • Not having enough bouncers on duty who know how to handle rowdy patrons.
  • Continuing to serve patrons who are clearly intoxicated.

The owner is responsible for ensuring that their bar is a safe place for their patrons to visit. This is known as premises liability.

You must prove that the bar owner knew that there was potential for trouble and that their negligence led to your injuries. However, with witnesses and all the modern surveillance tools that are located inside most bars, this usually is quite possible.

Being injured due to a bar fight can be traumatic. As soon as you are able, seek assistance so that you can hold the bar owner responsible.