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How can you fund your independent films in Georgia?

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Entertainment Law |

One of the biggest hurdles you will face as a filmmaker is covering the many expenses involved in filmmaking. A lack of adequate funding affects all filmmakers, even those big names that work out of Hollywood.

Many filmmakers choose the Atlanta area due to its range of diverse landscapes and generous tax incentives. Since the early 1970s, Georgia provided the scenery in big films like Baby Driver and Deliverance and TV shows like The Walking Dead and Stranger Things.

Now that you have found the perfect filming location, you need money to fund the production of your movie.

Does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding has helped many successful movies, including the Veronica Mars film and The Babadook. Unfortunately, you cannot be sure you will raise enough money for your entire project through crowdfunding. If you believe in this method, check out online project donation platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

What about professional investors?

Because the Atlanta entertainment industry is booming, many local investors are looking for film projects to support financially. Of course, they expect to receive something in return for their generosity. Typically, you must repay the investment and hand over a portion of the earnings from the film. It is wise to have legal guidance when dealing with professional investors.

Does Georgia support film grants?

Yes, filmmakers can access several grants and foundations to fund filmmaking in the state. Film Impact Georgia is an online resource that features a frequently updated list of grants and other funding sources for filmmakers.

Entertainment law is an ever-evolving legal field known for helping to preserve the rights of all artists. Before you accept funding from any source, we recommend learning more about the law to ensure your rights are never compromised.