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The pros and cons of being backed by a record label

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Entertainment Law |

As a musician, you have the talent to move forward in the industry. You write your own songs and have a string of local gigs lined up.

However, you’re a musician and not a business person. What you’re struggling with is how to make it to the next level commercially, and start making money off of your talent.

This is where a record label can come into play, but it’s important that you sign with the right one and not a company that is seeking to take advantage.

Increased resources

A record label can offer you resources that you’d only previously dreamed of. They can help you with branding and marketing that will really give you a chance of getting your music out there, perhaps even on a global scale.

Heightened reputation

You’re familiar with the record label that has approached you. They’ve taken numerous local artists and helped to make them famous. In fact, there are now a collection of successful groups who are notorious for being under this label, and you have an opportunity to become a part of this.

It doesn’t come for free

While there are benefits of signing for a record label, they do come at a cost. You need to ensure that you are still getting a fair portion of the profits considering the amount of work you have put in.

There are many fantastic record labels out there but some do seek to take advantage. Having legal guidance behind you will help ensure that you walk away with a fair deal.