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3 tips for hiring an entertainment manager

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2022 | Entertainment Law |

Your manager is someone who will represent your interests in the industry. They’re responsible for handling a variety of aspects of your career. Finding one who understands your industry goals and can help you achieve those is critical. 

One of the best ways that you can find a manager is to ask others who they’re with and whether they’re happy with them. Consider these tips to help you as you go through your list of potential managers.

1. Find out about what types of projects and work they usually handle

Managers typically have an area on which they focus. Some may work on acting gigs and others may focus on musical acts. You need to find a manager who works with the types of projects you want to land because this is where they’ll likely have contacts.

2. Ask about memberships and union registrations

Memberships and union registrations can signal that the manager isn’t one who’s just trying to make a fast dollar before disappearing. The National Conference of Personal Managers is one of the primary memberships to look for.

3. Review the contract they use for new clients

Take a look at the contract to ensure that it’s something you’re comfortable with. This will outline everything from how often you should check in with the manager to how pay is handled. Read it thoroughly before you decide on whether to sign it or not.

Making sure your manager has your best interests in mind is crucial. If you learn that you’re not being represented in accordance with the contract, you may opt to pursue legal action. Working with someone familiar with these matters is the best way to protect your interests.