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Navigating the film and television industries in 2023

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Entertainment Law |

The film and television industries are increasingly utilizing Atlanta as a hotspot for recruiting talent and developing projects. As 2023 dawns, shifts in both industries are unlikely to abandon Atlanta as a prime location for cultivating talent and making art. Yet, market conditions are such that film and television industry professionals based in Georgia are going to need to become increasingly savvy about the ways in which they safeguard their legal rights and promote their brands.

Supply chain disruptions, travel restrictions, rising inflation and spikes in interest rates have all affected the ways in which the film and television industries have conducted business over the past few years. As the economy continues to stabilize, there is sincere reason to hope that an increasing number of projects will be developed in 2023. Yet, as industry giants remain cautious about over-investing while the market is still recovering, entertainment employee contract terms may not be as favorable and cost-cutting measures are likely to remain the name of the game for a while.

Film is heating up while streaming is cooling down

The ways in which consumers were approaching limited streaming offerings only a few years ago are not the ways in which they are consuming streaming content now. With so many platforms offering content, many of the larger streaming services are struggling and cutting back on their original programming. By contrast, film production that had been largely halted for the better part of two years is ramping up and movie theaters are eager for patrons to fill their seats.

Although market stabilization and some hopeful signs within the film industry are providing reasons to believe that both film and television are going to be bouncing back in earnest in 2023 and beyond, media companies that have taken a hit over the past few years may not be offering entertainment professionals the contract terms that they arguably deserve for some time. Carefully reviewing contracts and researching what your professional rights and options are will be important efforts if you’re working in film and television in Georgia during 2023.