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The long-term impacts of a serious head injury 

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Personal Injury |

The skull provides a layer of protection for the brain. Unfortunately, this protection is not impenetrable and the impact of a car accident can cause severe head injuries. While head injuries can vary in their severity, any injury of this type should be treated as a medical emergency.  

Not only do head injuries have the potential to cause pain, bleeding and immediate symptoms, but the health impacts can be long-term. Outlined below are some of the potential long-term impacts of serious head injuries

Changes in your physical capabilities

You have various muscles, ligaments and tendons in your body that help you to carry out physical tasks. This includes your work-related activities or even just your day to day actions at home. If your brain isn’t functioning as it should after a car crash, all of this can be affected. You may no longer be able to do your job and might even struggle to take your kids to school. 

Changes in your personality 

The impacts of a serious head injury can be emotional as well as physical. It is not uncommon for individuals to suffer personality changes, including depression and short temperedness after being involved in a road traffic collision. Again, this is going to make both your domestic and working life very challenging. 

Your rights after a road traffic collision 

A road traffic collision can take its toll on your health, your personal relationships and your ability to do your job. It’s not possible to undo the accident, but you can be compensated for your losses. Seeking some legal guidance will give you a better idea of your options.