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How to protect your song before releasing it

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Entertainment Law |

While you may have been singing for years, your reality may change when you join the music industry professionally. You will realize there is more to singing. The music industry faces some challenges, but those informed about improving their talent and navigating its business side are advantaged. 

To grow in music, you will need to work with different people, including mentors, choreographers, videographers and so on. And, at times, you may need to send your music to them before releasing it. This guide discusses three ways to protect your song when doing this.

1. Sign NDAs

Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) can keep your song confidential until you release it. Those who sign this agreement can only use the song for the intended purpose and can’t share it with anyone. 

For example, if you share the song with a dance choreographer, they can only use it to make the choreography. They cannot post their practice sessions on social media with the song in the background or listen to it in public places.

2. Copyright your music

It helps to register your work before releasing it. Legally copyrighting your music after recording can prevent other people from using it, which means you will still release it as your own despite others having access to it. 

3. Meet with the team

You should meet with the team you want to work with and inform them how they can and cannot use the song. Some cases of music leaking are accidental. Thus, ensure everyone is informed of the restrictions before sharing your song with them. This can save you from disputes.

Your song going public before you release it can have negative impacts. It will help to understand entertainment law to protect your music when working with other creatives.