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Your vehicle’s own systems can be a distraction

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Many driving distractions are outside of the vehicle. Some accidents happen when drivers are gawking at other crashes, for example, or reading billboards. Other distractions come from external devices, such as a cellphone.

But it’s important for drivers to remember that even their vehicle’s own systems could cause a serious distraction and lead to an accident. Even when a driver is doing something that seems “necessary,” they still need to be aware of the risks and focus on driving safely.

What distractions would feel necessary?

One common example of this type of distraction is adjusting the car itself. This could mean adjusting the mirrors, the seat, the steering wheel or the temperature controls. 

If a driver can’t properly see the lane next to them, it does feel necessary to adjust the side mirrors. But any time that they spend fiddling with the controls and looking at the mirror means they’re not focusing as intently on the traffic around them. Even a safety-oriented driver could become dangerously distracted. 

Another frequent example is when someone looks down to change the radio station and accidentally drives off the road or drifts over the centerline. These days, many drivers don’t listen to the radio as often, but they will connect a cellphone or another device to the car and stream music. As they connect to streaming services or seek out different albums and playlists, they can become significantly distracted.

Have you suffered injuries?

You may be able to avoid distractions while driving yourself, but you could always be injured by another driver. If you are, then you need to know how to seek financial compensation for medical bills and related costs.