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What is a rider in an entertainment contract?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Entertainment Law |

Entertainment contracts are often very lengthy. They can be difficult to read through, but it’s important that anyone who’s going to perform at a venue has a valid contract to protect them. 

While you probably know to review things like the payment terms and performance requirements, you should also be sure that you check over the riders. These are the terms that you set so that you can perform your best on the day of the show.

What’s included in riders?

The contents of the riders depend on your needs and wishes. When you’re booked to play at a venue, you tell them what you need if they want you to come. There might be some negotiation about what’s appropriate, but the final terms you agree to should be included in your contract. 

Riders might include the hospitality requirements, such as specific foods and beverages that you need. It can include dressing room information or special equipment or furniture you need available to do the show. You can even include security riders to ensure you can remain safe. Some artists also have security riders for crowd control. 

Interviews, cancellations, meet-and-greets, and other terms can also be included in the riders. If you feel something is critical and you aren’t willing to perform without it, include it in the contract.

Anyone who’s entering into an entertainment contract should ensure they understand exactly what that contract entails. It’s imperative that you take the time to read over it, and you should also have someone else review it before you sign. Taking legal action is possible if you sign it and the other doesn’t meet the terms of the agreement, so be sure you pay close attention to what’s going on.