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What to do when a car accident causes memory loss

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most terrifying things. It can lead to a vast range of injuries, including memory loss, which is mostly associated with a significant brain injury. Memory problems after an accident can affect your entire life, including your ability to work or enjoy the things you love to do.

This guide discusses what you can do to navigate this difficult time:

Learn about your condition

Car accidents can cause different types of memory loss. First, it can make one forget things after the accident (post-traumatic amnesia). Contrarily, one may only forget what happened immediately before the accident (Retrograde amnesia). Lastly, one may be unable to form new memories for some time after the accident (Anterograde amnesia).

Being informed about your condition can help you stay positive when you can’t remember things and follow doctors’ instructions. You should get medical attention immediately after an accident and go to all your check-ups to stay updated. 

Surround yourself with loved ones

Being around loved ones after a car accident is crucial. Not only does it help with recovery, but it can also help to trigger memories. Developing a good support system among your family and friends — and asking for their patience and help — can be hugely beneficial. So can a professional therapist.

Can memory loss be diagnosed right away?

It can take days or weeks before a doctor diagnoses one with memory loss. Most symptoms of accident-related memory loss are subjective, which makes it even more complicated. However, the doctor will inform you or your loved ones of standard symptoms to look out for. Examples are headaches, inability to remember new information or simple instructions, fatigue and dizziness.

If you or your loved one suffered this kind of serious injury from a car accident, it’s wise to consider your options for compensation. Experienced legal guidance can help you better understand your claim.