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2 must-do’s for launching a Georgia production company

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2024 | Entertainment Law |

The allure of the flourishing Atlanta entertainment industry draws many with creative visions toward the exciting world of production. Skills and connections breathe life into projects, transforming ideas into captivating realities, but with the potential for success comes the reality of legal risks.

Doing things right when you start a production company can prevent legal and other hurdles. Here are two crucial steps to consider that may help you to more effectively safeguard your vision.

Secure insurance coverage

Before you can get a permit to film in the Atlanta region, you must obtain at least $1 million in liability insurance coverage. Other insurance policies that may not be mandatory but can strengthen your protection include:

  • Auto insurance: Protects you, your staff and other motorists in case of an accident with injuries.
  • Professional liability (Errors & Omissions): Covers mistakes or negligence claims.
  • Business owner policy (BOP): Combines common coverages for convenience.
  • Commercial property insurance: Protects your equipment and workspace.

These additional insurance options can minimize financial and legal headaches; many providers offer bundled policies for comprehensive protection.

Minimize legal risk

While insurance can help you manage the aftermath of unforeseen events, prevention is the ultimate defense. The ability to proactively identify potential legal issues before they arise can do much to shield your company.

A legal representative familiar with Georgia entertainment laws can save time, money, and frustration down the road. They can provide invaluable guidance on critical matters, including:

  • The ideal legal structure (LLC, corporation, etc.)
  • Unfavorable terms in entertainment contracts
  • Compliance with anti-discrimination laws
  • Security of company intellectual property (branding materials, trade secrets, etc.)

In other words, legal guidance can shield you against many of the obstacles that could stall your creative pursuits, as long as you seek it as proactively as possible.