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Should I stay as an independent artist?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Entertainment Law |

Every aspiring artist hopes to have their songs known by as many people as possible and reach the top spot in the charts. They know signing with a record label will help them achieve that goal. But in the process, they also get in a dilemma of wanting to protect their artistic freedom more than the possibility of a hundred thousand record sales.

If, at the end of the day, your artistic freedom and love for the music you make weigh more than fame and record sales, being an independent artist might be the route for you. Here are three benefits of staying as a self-produced artist.

You have the creative control

You are your own boss if you stay as an independent artist. You can compose your own melodies and beats, write your own lyrics and arrange your song to your liking. You can produce the kind of music that you enjoy. There is no one to force you to fit your music style according to a particular trend or style.

Aside from your music, you have complete creative control over your album artwork, music distribution strategies and marketing. You do not have to get the approval of anyone for your artistic vision.

Creative control is one of the causes of disputes artists have with their record labels. Artists could feel suffocated when their label directs them to a path different from their goal.

You own your music

You own the master copy of your music. You can decide on its licensing and how others could use your music. And because you have the rights over your music, you would also own 100% of your profit. The profit you gain from music streams, album sales, licensing deals and other revenues will go directly to you. Understanding intellectual property rights related to your creation will help you protect your music and maximize its revenue.

You can take your time

There is no specific timeline for creating music. Sometimes, you can produce a song in one sitting. Other times, it could take months. You can release music whenever you feel ready if you are an independent artist. You can decide which gigs or performances to play. You can also take a break when you are feeling overwhelmed.

The music industry continues to change and adapt to new technologies. Now, it is easier for artists to break into the music industry even without the support of a record label. Building your music career as an independent artist may be challenging, but it is a rewarding journey. Seeking the guidance of an experienced entertainment lawyer could help you ensure that your hard work would not be put to waste.